Road Trip to Texas

When my fiancé got the news that he will be in officer training school in Texas for 3 months starting starting June 10, I decided that I would do the drive from Atlanta all the way to Wichita Falls, Texas with him. I thought to myself….

1. I wouldn't want him to drive 14+ hours alone

2. It could be fun to adventure together before he had to start his training…(maybe a mini pre-honeymoon trip?)

3. I've never seen much of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas…this could be fun! 

4. We would get to hang out with some of his family and friends, which I love dearly.  

So, I decided to embark on this adventure with him last Thursday. And boy was it an adventure...

It started out Thursday morning. We decided to stop by one of our favorite places for breakfast, The Flying Biscuit, before the long road trip began. The car was completely filled with all of his gear that he would need for the next 3 months. And who came along with us? Our doggies (stuffed version). No, these were not custom made stuffed animals. They were actually in the same store on the same shelves…side by side. I thought it was a sign that I had to buy them. I bring them to all of our adventures. :)Image

We drove from Atlanta all the way to Shreveport, Louisana the first day. Everything went pretty smoothly until we hit Meridian, Mississippi that afternoon. 


Moments after this photo was taken, we hit a MAJOR storm….Tropical Storm Andrea decided to challenge us. The hard rain made it difficult for us to see the road, even at 15MPH. There were cars that had stopped on the side of the highway. I told myself to keep breathing and pray that it would pass fast…however after 10 minutes my worried side told Chester to pull over. Even though it was as if we were in the movie Twister, he decided to keep going. I decided to text Chester's sister and brother-in-law to send us a quick prayer. And I kid you not…the moment I pressed 'send' on my phone, it was as if God turned off the storm. I could relax now…my legs were shaking like crazy. We conquered the storm! 


The photo above is before entering the storm and then the light at the end of the tunnel. :) 


The calm after the storm.

We hit Shreveport, Louisiana around 9:30pm and quickly found a hotel to rest our eyes. What hotel did we decide to stay at?….a hotel called Sam's Town Hotel…which included one of Shereveport's most famous casinos. No we didn't gamble, but we had to get a photo. Image

After the photo was taken, we quickly climbed into bed to rest our eyes. The next day went a lot smoother…3 hour drive to Dallas, Texas to visit his cousin, his wife, and their beautiful son. We spent the whole day playing with the little one and catching up with each other's lives. 


Here's my wonderful fiancé, Chester and his cousin, DJ…one of his best men for our wedding. Yes, I said 1 of his best men. Chester is blessed to have 5 amazing guys to be his best men. :)





The photo above makes me happy every time I see it. As we were walking back to their house from the park, I told everyone to stop and we all said, "Noah jump!" SO CUTE! :)


I loved spending the whole day with this beautiful family. 


Watch out world, Noah is the new Superman! 

The next day, we met up with one of Chester's childhood friends and his beautiful wife. They showed us every bit of Dallas, Texas…and I mean EVERY BIT! It was a day filled with activities which included, a tour of Dallas by car, an AMAZING brunch, a walk to the park, a game of croquet, a free class of capoeira, went to the movies, a delicious dinner and some Bollywood videos. PHEW! What a day it was. 

 Jose is another one of Chester's best men for our wedding. Did I mention how blessed my man is? :-p He has the best family and friends who will always support him in our lives. ImageImageImage


On Sunday (our last day together) we drove 2 hours north of Dallas to a little town called Wichita Falls. This is where Chester will be spending the next 3 months at the training course. I had a flight to catch at 2pm back to Dallas then to Atlanta. Yes, maybe it was a bit crazy to drive up and fly down in the same day, but I wanted to see where he was going to be and help him move all of his stuff. After we toured the Airforce base and grabbed a quick snack at Starbucks, we drove to the airport.

And this was when things went wrong…As I went to check in at the airport, I notice that my flight to Dallas was canceled due to the weather. Weather!? I was just in Dallas, the weather was perfectly fine! Of course I did not want to argue so I asked what my options were. Their response was, "Oh we have a van that will take 10 passengers and drive to Dallas." AH! You have got to be kidding me…another drive back to where I was 2 hours ago?!

Holding back my tears, I quickly kissed Chester and said goodbye to my amazing fiancé. It felt like an endless road trip from Thursday to Sunday. 

After a  2 hour drive back to Dallas, then 2 hour wait for my next flight to Atlanta, and another 2 hours flying in..I finally arrived to the airport to find the most wonderful parents waiting for me with open arms. And when I got to their house, there were the two most adorable dogs, Moco and Luna to greet me with lots of slobbery kisses and love. 



Although the road trip was hectic, non-stop, and scary, I do not regret it at  all! I loved spending 13 hours in the car with the man who I love most. It will be a road trip that we will never forget!