Making Things Happen!

I had spent all Wednesday night tossing and turning. I was about to embark in a new journey that I had no idea where it was going to take me. I spent all day Thursday in an amazing workshop called Making Things Happen by Lara Casey. A good friend of mine, Amy, told me about how this workshop changed, not only her business, but her whole life. She insisted on me signing up. Without knowing anything about it or knowing what I was getting myself into, I registered that day! And I will NEVER regret not one penny that I spent.

What an amazing day filled with tears, laughter, honesty, fears, and enlightenment! I had no idea I was going to express so many emotions or meet such incredible women. When I first entered the room with butterflies in my stomach, I noticed I was the second girl there.  "What were were going to do?" "Are the girls going to like me and my story?" "What if we don't connect?" It felt like it was my first day at a new school or taking the SAT all over again. I felt so unprepared coming in. I didn't even know what to bring. As everyone started to come in the room, I could tell that we were all on the same boat...nervous. Suddenly, Gina tosses a box of tissues in the middle of the circle. Oh come the tears, we all thought. Emily, one of the mentors, told us, "Don't worry...within 3 minutes the nerves will go away." We all relaxed and began to laugh.

The whole day consisted of sharing our stories, confronting our fears, making a list of what we want to achieve in life and our businesses and how we are going to make it happen. We all connected with each other...made each other laugh, cry, and smile. We talked about pursuing our dreams, leaving our jobs that we hate, and creating balance between work and family.  After the workshop ended, it wasn't a goodbye to my new family. This is JUST the beginning....we are creating a community where we can trust, tell each other anything, help each other succeed, but most importantly, it is a place where we can be ourselves.

I feel excited, light, inspired, happiness, love and pure JOY about my new journey! I am ready to Make Things Happen!