Barrett Thrasher

Everyone, meet yoga teacher and dear friend of mine. She is truly an inspiring and strong woman.
"As a life long student of alignment, I recognized an early age that a well organized lifestyle gives way for creativity to take hold, allowing the body and mind to align with something bigger.  After an intense knee injury I was introduced to yoga by my friend and tattoo artist, Kurt Fagerland.  After one class I found a passion and love that I never knew existed; finding union between the body and the mind. Yoga is a union between all aspects of the self: all our 'bodies' and 'centers'.  Each 'limb' can deliver hints of union.  If you consider the octopus, the tentacles on their own are not the octopus. The same way it is when the 8 limbs are combined - working together they become something greater than the sum of their parts.  They become Yoga.  They become Union.   
Kurt tattooed a gorgeous octopus on my back, as constant reminder for me to stay connected to my heart, present in the moment and to never lose sight of my path." -Barrett
I was always intrigued to do yoga, but was always scared that my "bad" leg or wrist would get in the way of my practice. I went to one of Barrett's classes and she asked me if I had any injuries or things she had to be careful with. I told her that I had a "Bad" leg and wrist and she instantly told me its not bad...just a "challenge". Those words gave me a different perspective of my "flaws". She instantly  gave me hope that I could do yoga. That first class was hard, something I never experienced...I was sore the next three days. But I also felt grounded, more connected to my mind and body. I was hooked from that day on. Barrett pushed me. She gave me the courage to try new poses, poses that I never thought I would ever be able to do. I found myself doing crow and handstands in my house, at the park, on vacation. I showed my husband everyday what I learned in class. Not only did yoga help with my body, but my mood changes.  I felt so alive, rejuvenated, and at peace every time I left Barrett's classes. 
The care and support that Barrett gives all of her students is really inspiring. She not only shows that she cares during class, but she also outside of class. When I told her I was getting married, she took the time to give me a routine to do the morning of my wedding. I am so grateful for her presence in my life. 

Taking time off

What a couple of busy months it has been... As many of you know, I am getting married in 17 days!!!! Even though I have been so  overwhelmed for the last few weeks, I could not be happier for the journey I am about to embark on. I keep reminding myself to not get stressed over the small things about the wedding and that I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. After months of planning, I am ready to become a wife to my wonderful fiancé. He has blessed my life in more ways than I ever imagined. I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.

I decided to step back from work this past month so I could put all of my energy on preparing for our marriage. I wanted to take the time today to thank everyone who has been there for me…I feel so incredible blessed for all the love and support I have received all my life. Thank you for your patience as I take time away from my business. I will be ready to come back to work in November and will be filled with so much inspiration and ideas. :)

"Take time to live. Life will only inspire your work"